About Me

rick_id2015-40Hooksnfangs AKA Ricky Fang

Ricky Fang is an artist from Escondido California who has been creating art for as long as he’s been watching cartoons.

He’s known for always wearing a black beanie and for drawing stylized cartoon pinup girls. He was inspired to draw pinups since he was a kid after seeing nose art on WWII fighter planes along with various comic book illustrations of super heroines. When looking at these images as a kid, he said to himself, “Someday, I’m going to draw something like that.” That day finally came to be after the many years of endless drawing and creativity.

Aside from pinup girls, he also draws silly cartoon characters and his own comic series. Recently he has been getting into film and animation so he has big plans for creating animations featuring his original characters.

Aside from artwork, Ricky enjoys a lot of other things that don’t require a pencil. He is an avid gamer who loves the classics and likes watching movies. He also loves conventions since he’s been doing more exhibiting at various shows in California. Over there he is able to meet more artists and have a good chat with fans.