[DPT] House Party

A random new comic:

After a couple days of showers, the weather has been rather nice and sunny. I’m all for nice warm days except that the warmth always brings in PESTS such as the HOUSEFLY! They’ve become so numerous that just leaving your door open for a bit causes a whole bunch to enter your house! Always leave the screen door closed!

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[DPT] Back


If you didn’t know I put Dat Punk Timbo on hiatus due to being busy with WonderCon and also not feeling the best for humor… And I didn’t really make it a big announcement because I am terrible at doing that. SO if you didn’t know, I’m sorry. I will make future announcements better!

For this comic, I wanted to announce Timbo being back while also commenting on what he’s coming back from. Of course this sort of relates to me and any other creative person.

So what kind of art does Timbo create? I haven’t really put thought into that, but I think I may have him do sculpting (because DRAWING would only make him EXACTLY ME).

And I guess you can also say I created a new random OC which is the muse (obviously inspired by the muses from Disney’s Hercules). Don’t really have a name for her yet, but I do plan to use her again some time.